About Us
Based on my own wonderful childhood memories of birthday parties at home where my sisters, friends and I were perched up on mismatched adult chairs, blowing out candles on the beautifully created Women's Weekly cakes that mum meticulously made us each year, and for my love of parties Tiny Tables and Chairs was born.
I have tried to create the same memories for my children, Ella, Oliver and Lucy, by having our birthday parties at home with all of their friends having a wonderful time running around in our yard. Our aim at Tiny Tables and Chairs is to provide children with good old fashioned fun of having celebrations at home. 
Whether it's for birthdays, Christmas, christenings or adult occasions Tiny Tables and Chairs provides you with the opportunity to hire good quality children’s tables and chairs in a number of colours to suit your celebration.
Hope that you all enjoy creating your parties as much as I do for my children.
Sonia xxx
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